Antiques & Heirloom Quality Furniture Handcrafted in Maastricht

Wolters Antiques Since 1887


Who doesn’t own a piece of furniture from the family home? Or maybe even from their grandparents’ home. This is a sign that Antiques are timeless and fit in any interior. Thus every piece of furniture writes its story in a family and the purchase of it can be seen as an investment in yours.

Anyway, fashions change; people move to a bigger or smaller space; people leave; and furniture is needed or left over. At Antiekhallen Wolters you will find exclusive antique furniture and other home decorations. But also if you have furniture for sale you can contact us.

Four Generations Know-How

A. Wolters & Zonen Antiekhanel

Around 1887 Great-Grandfather Wolters traveled around with horse and carriage and started a business restoring, buying and selling furniture. Shortly after 1900 he opened his first shop in Maastricht and Wolters Furniture & Antiques was established. It was his son however who made the name Wolters one of significance in the international world of Antiques and in 1965, when the shop on the Hertogsingel in Maastricht became too small, he opened the Antiekhallen (antiques halls). His son took over and continued his work and now Etienne Wolters, who in turn took the reins from his father in 1996, is the fourth generation Wolters, seeing to it that even in the 21st century antique-enthusiasts and collectors find their way to Maastricht. 


A lasting relation with the customer is of the utmost importance, which is why you buy antiques at Antiekhallen Wolters at a reasonable, fair price, with a lifetime guarantee and the possibility of trade-ins.

Antiekhallen Wolters is located at Cannerweg 111 in Maastricht and boasts 2800m2 antiques; home decorations and hand-knotted Persian rugs. Furniture is imported and exported worldwide and delivery on the European continent is taken care of by the own delivery service. Intercontinental deliveries can also be arranged.

Antiques Bought and Sold

Antiques Bought and Sold

Over the years we have built an extensive international network among traders, but some of our furniture comes from private individuals. If you are looking for a specific piece of furniture from a certain period, let us know and we will help you find it. Should you have something you want to offer for sale, please send us an email with pictures of the piece.

Meubelrestauratie Maastricht

Furniture Restoration and Customization

Furniture is an article of everyday use that will, after time, show signs of wear. This usually adds character to a piece of furniture, but unfortunately that is not always the case.

Our restorers can breathe new life into your worn or broken furniture so you can continue to enjoy a piece of furniture that may be of great emotional value to you.



Maatwerk meubels Maastricht

Custom-built Furniture


In addition, Antiekhallen Wolters also offers the possibility to give shape to your very own ideas or designs with custom built modern or classical furniture that perfectly matches your interior.

We recycle wood where possible for example in our beautiful rugged oak tables, but also for other pieces of furniture.

For restorations and/or other interior design projects contact us or visit us.